Dairy Processing


Our mission is to produce the cleanest, freshest, most delicious, local dairy products available.

Our dairy processing system was custom designed to enable us to produce dairy products with the highest levels of food safety as defined by national and international food safety standards.

Our system gently heats our clean, fresh goat’s milk so that our cheese will be as creamy and tasty as possible.  We use the highest quality cultures and unique local ingredients to make an outstanding variety of fresh, tasty products.


We carefully monitor temperatures with multiple thermometers and recording devices to meet all regulatory requirements and provide healthy delicious food.

We are careful to utilize energy efficient equipment and to recycle and conserve wherever possible to protect our environment.  For example, we capture all the hot water used during the pasteurization process and use it for cleaning the facility after processing is complete.  We use appropriate levels of technology to benefit the local economy.

The Goat Dairy produces fresh, filtered, pasteurized milk from the Goat Dairy’s Goats. Our milk makes wonderful quality goat dairy products such as

  • fresh pure plain, chocolate and other locally spiced milk
  • cheese
  • pudding
  • yogurt
  • ice cream