Farm Facility


Microdairy Designs LLC

Our dairy processing equipment was custom built for our needs by Mr. Frank Kipe/MicroDairy Designs LLC.  Mr. Kipe custom builds excellent small quality dairy processing equipment that meets USDA standards.  Several small dairies throughout the United States and other countries are using his equipment.

Porta Check, Inc

TGD uses PortaCheck test strips to ensure clean quality milk for production.  We have found this test to be extremely helpful to us in determining milk quality.  The company has been extremely helpful with information concerning quality milk testing.

Glengarry Cheesemaking and Dairy Supply Ltd.

Margaret Morris is a well known cheese maker who also sells cheese making supplies.  She was referred to us by several successful cheese makers that we visited while developing this project.  She and her staff have been extremely helpful with product development.

Biowish Technologies

This company produces natural organic compost boost which allows natural occurring enzymes to breakdown

Compost Boost, this product is used in the process of producing our quality beautiful rich compost.