Mission Statement

At The Goat Dairy, we produce nutritious goat dairy products in harmony with the environment as a working model from which to train and empower Grenadian farmers in achieving independent, dignified livelihoods in sustainable agriculture. Through a complementary youth training program, we further work to instill the values of healthful nutrition and local food production for future generations of Grenadian farmers.

Vision Statement

We seek to be the leading environmentally sustainable and socially responsible agricultural enterprise in Grenada by promoting and empowering quality goat dairy farming and production among our current and future farmers to serve the interests of local communities in achieving regional food security independence.


Our WOrk

The Grenada Goat Dairy Project has been established as a business model to showcase and train local farmers with an interest in transitioning to sustainable income-generating production and marketing strategies for goat dairy products in Grenada. By distributing our dairy products produced at our education/demonstration facility to local restaurants and markets, we’re working not only to reduce the carbon footprint associated with imports, but also to support our local, less fortunate farmers with proper training to learn about quality goat dairy farming and production.

Since its inception, TGD has researched, quantified and analyzed data relating to dairy goat husbandry, production and marketing that can enable local farmers to secure their livelihoods and cultivate their communities through producing healthy food and other products, which meets and exceeds the Grenada Bureau of Standards’ requirements.  As an example, a test plot of Gliricidia is being sustainably grown to quantify its potential as one high-yield local source that can help meet dairy goat nutritional requirements.

The overarching goal of TGD is to engage and assist the development of local, sustainable agricultural initiatives that can operate independently on the island, thereby increasing quality production.  By helping to empower local farmers in this way, TGD aims to contribute to robust, independent and food-secure economies in Grenada.


The Grenada Goat Dairy Project serves lower income farmers, in Grenada, West Indies, with primary emphasis in the parishes of St. Andrew’s and St. Patrick’s. The Goat Dairy’s demonstration facility provides quality goat dairy products to the local chefs, restaurants and markets, which helps to sustain our mission.


Management Team

The Goat Dairy is led by Christine Curry, who has been in the non-profit world for twenty years. Christine Curry has successfully led TGD project for the past 5 years, serving lower income individuals and farmers in Grenada and has developed a well received, quality goat dairy product for the local market, to help sustain the operational expenses and promote the humanitarian efforts of The Goat Dairy.

Christine Curry is now supported by a local Grenadian team which includes Mr. Ferron Lowe and Ms. Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe that have experience running both for-profit and non-profit ventures. Specifically, our team has solid experience in organizing events, marketing to the local community and achieving key goals.

Success Factors

The Grenada Goat Dairy Project Inc. is uniquely qualified to succeed.

  • There is a massive need to serve lower income farmers in Grenada and help farmers produce quality food for Grenada. Doing so will increase the quality of life and secure nutritious food among numerous other benefits.
  • There is no other organization supporting this critical need in sustainable quality goat dairy farming and production.
  • The management team has a track record of success achieving the goals of our organization and other organizations for which we have worked.
  • Members of our community fully support and believe in our mission.
  • Our Chèvre cheese is the first locally produced goat dairy product in Grenada and even at this early stage of development, our current production covers about 80% of our current operating costs for TGD education/demonstration facility.