St. Patrick's Anglican Public School


The Grenada Goat Dairy Project (The Goat Dairy) provides training to all farmers, with particular focus on women and youth, in effective animal husbandry, improvements in livestock genetics, development of local feedstuffs and healthful milk and cheese production at our education and demonstration facility located at Belmont Estate, Hermitage, St. Patrick.

To ensure a solid, long-term foundation for community empowerment, food-security and responsible citizenship in Grenada, The Goat Dairy has partnered with St. Patrick’s Anglican Public School to create an educational dairy facility specifically aimed at youth development. This is a fully functioning goat farm, complete with barn and milk production capacity.  The facility also incorporates a school garden, poultry coop, composting area and outdoor classroom.  The Goat Dairy provides training for staff and students and supervises all operational aspects of animal care and maintenance of the facility. Milk produced at the school project is processed at the central facility of The Goat Dairy, located at Belmont Estate.

As a nucleus for learning, the St. Patrick’s facility offers endless educational benefits and dividends in practical science, math, language, home economics,  responsible business practices, community ethics and the arts. Through both hands-on and classroom activities, students learn the responsibilities associated with animal care, growing their own food, composting and record-keeping. To expand its impact, this community-wide program continues to network with additional schools to create opportunities for other children and young adults in the surrounding region.


Students have the opportunity to explore creative expression through the development of their own print and video media productions to instruct their peers and new farmers on the basic concepts as they’re learning. They participate in awareness campaigns featured in local and regional media, such as The Goat Dairy’s website, Facebook, local newspapers, television and radio. These broad educational and citizen-building experiences arising from the St. Patrick’s dairy facility will significantly contribute to the development of responsible citizenship for a new generation of Grenadians.

Our team, which includes The Goat Dairy, St. Patrick’s Anglican Public School, the Ministry of Agriculture’s 4-H program and other community members, continues to work together to bridge,  foster and strengthen the “Farm-To-Table” concept. We hope this effort will inspire and engage students towards a positive transformation of current agricultural knowledge and practices about food and nutrition and instill a deep appreciation for where their food comes from…while working in harmony and safeguarding the environment.